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The Heart of a champion


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Once upon a time a rabbit loved a wonderful athlete. The rabbit was an intellectual and he was always thinking about different subjects. Day after day, he went to the park to see Anna who was training for the triathlon. The rabbit and Anna were good friends, but for him, she represented more than a friend. To tell you the truth, he loved her. But he was only a small intellectual rabbit, whereas she loved tall good looking sportsmen. After her training, the rabbit and Anna liked speaking of life in general. He would want to tell her that he was in love with her, but she was only interested in other athletes. Often, he saw her leave with tall men after their conversation in the park. He felt very sad. Anna loved to have adventures with a lot of men because to her only the body was important.

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One day, he decided to tell her that he was in love with her. He took his courage in both hands and said to Anna who was sitting near him on a bench, "Anna, I love you." Smiling, Anna said with a worried voice, "Are you serious? You are my best friend, but I don't love you. I'm sorry, I only love good looking men because I'm an adventurous girl. It's impossible for me to love only one man, because after 1 week, I get tired of him and I need a change. For me, you're very important because it's the first time that I have had a friend for such a long time and I hope you will be my friend forever." He replied violently with tears in his eyes, "I love you and it's impossible for me to just be your friend. I will show you that a rabbit can also be a good athlete and I will take part in the triathlon next week." Anna, on the verge of tears, saw the disappointed rabbit go away pronouncing inaudible words.

The rabbit arrived at home and started his training. The day after, he got up at sunrise, 5 o'clock. He began to run in the park, but after 5 minutes, he stopped for 2 hours because he was too tired. He went in the forest to increase his strength. To begin, he tried to lift a big stone, but in vain. After, he tried to lift a medium-sized boulder, but again in vain. He tried and tried with a lot of different sized stones, but without good results. Finally after 1 hour, he succeeded in lifting a small pebble. Enchanted, he decided to go to the second step. He took his bicycle and rode for 15 minutes, but he was forced to stop because he had a big twinge of pain in his back. After 6 hours, he was not bad and went to the swimming pool to swim. He dived in and realized that he didn't know how to swim. The day after, he awoke in the bed at the hospital near Anna. Anna told him that 3 people had helped him after he had dived into 4 feet of water. Anna tried to convince him to renounce, but it was impossible to change his mind. The doctor kept him 5 days at the hospital because he was too exhausted after such great physical effort. He returned to train, but after 3 minutes of running, he noticed that he was out of breath. He thought and thought for two days and found a solution to defeat his rivals.

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The fateful day arrived... A triathlon is a competition with three parts. The first is a marathon of 30 km. The second is a cycling race of 50 km, which took place the day after. The third day is the last. The entrants must swim 20 km across a lake. Three days before Anna had won the competition for the second time. All the athletes got ready and Anna tried again to dissuade the rabbit, but he was too stubborn.

The competitors were waiting for the judge to give the starting signal when the gunfire sounded. At this moment, the athletes ran so fast that the rabbit was left behind. Then, he thought that the competition wouldn't be easy for him. But with great effort, he succeeded to catch up to the worst runners and he hung on to him with a transparent wire. When he saw the finish line, he cut the wire and he tried to pass before the worst runner, but in vain. He said to Anna, "I'm only one hour slower than the champion."

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The day after, he tried to use the same strategy with his bicycle, but he realized that he had forgotten his wire. In desperation, he managed to follow the worst cyclist and he arrived only 10 minutes after him, but 2 hours after the champion. After this race, Anna helped the rabbit to the hospital because he had so many blisters under his feet that it was like he was walking on pockets of water. He said to Anna, "Now, you can see, I'm an athlete because I have athletic feet."

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The last day, Anna tried to stop him from participating in the last event because he couldn't walk or move his legs, but once again it was impossible. He said to her, "I don't need to walk in the water." Anna brought him to the lake with his small duck, because otherwise he would sink like a stone. The race began and he swam and swam with his duck because for him the most important was to prove to Anna that the champion is not in the body but in the heart. Finally, he arrived three hours after the worst participant and five hours after the best athlete, but a lot of people waited for him because he was a hero now for them.

Many people took him and gave him the first prize, because he had proved that in sport the important thing is not winning, but taking part. Exhausted, he went to the hospital, where Anna was very worried about him. Anna was so worried that she decided to give up her adventurous life and only love her best athlete, who was her rabbit. She said to him at the hospital, "I love you." The rabbit was transformed into a beautiful and athletic prince in her eyes. Now, she's married to him and still trains while he reads a lot of books. They have twelve children amongst whom six are good athletes and six very intelligent.


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Serge Fortin




Acknowledgements: Siàn Prytherch & Ann Brix - Camosun College, British Columbia


P.S.: Tu use this story, you must have the permission of Serge Fortin. Someone who uses this story in an excessive way can be prosecuted by the author who is Serge Fortin. Thank you for your understanding.


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