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Easter Bunny


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Once upon a time there was a rabbit that didn't have a name. He didn't have a name because his family had rejected him when he was born. His family was unhappy because for them, he was an error of nature. All the rabbits were brown, but him; he was black and white. All the rabbits were dull, but him; he was smart. He often thought, "Why am I a rabbit and not another animal?" He was very sad because a rabbit that was too intelligent didn't have either a family or friends and everybody was frightened of him. He lived alone near the family house for four years and he couldn't answer this question. But one day, sick of trying to find an answer, and especially of seeing his brothers and sisters living happily with his parents, he decided to leave.


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He walked and walked to forget his family and his question, but it was all in vain. He decided to stop because he was crying and crying so much that it was impossible to see the obstacles in his way. A butterfly, that passed near him, asked him curiously, "Why are you crying? It's so wonderful today. Look at the sun and the nature; both are so beautiful. I'm very happy because tomorrow, I will get married to the most beautiful creature in the world. Her name is Rosy." The rabbit explained to the butterfly his problems and asked it why it wanted to marry another butterfly when it's possible to have children without getting married. Worried, the butterfly said, "I don't know. I think all butterflies get married." He replied with a smile, "But if you marry Rosy, tomorrow you will have a lot of children that you will desert in a tree and after tomorrow you will be dead. Your life is so ephemeral! Why are you happy?" Then he said, "A butterfly is a butterfly and it's impossible for me to change my destiny. Why be sad when it's so wonderful to live and to give life? It's very exceptional for a butterfly to be lucky enough to participate in the survival of his own kind because only one butterfly out of a lot of butterflies lives till maturity. There is a lot of danger for a butterfly. If nature allows me to live for a long time, I must give it my gratitude. If nature has given you a talent, you must give two talents back and after you will be as happy as I am. You must forget your family and use your talent to help nature." The butterfly said its farewells and went to marry Rosy.


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The rabbit was enthusiastic after the conversation with the butterfly and decided now to help nature from then on. He walked and ran in the forest because now he was so happy. But after many hours, he got discouraged because it is easy to say you must try to help nature, but how? He realized that he was only a rabbit and it was impossible for him to change the world. He was tired of thinking and he fell asleep near a big tree. He dreamt that he was living with his parents in perfect harmony when a voice similar to that of a crumbling leaf said, "My small friend, why do you look for the answer in reality when the solution is in the dream world? In this world, it is possible to have all the answers; it is only a matter of asking , asking, asking, asking, asking..." The rabbit was frightened and asked with a shaking voice, "Who are you?" The voice answered, "I'm the guard of the forest and the mirror of the world in which all the dreams of man are reflected. Here, the dreams take life and are transformed into symbols. These symbols protect man's values and assure a good relationship between man and God." Then the rabbit replied, "If you are so smart, tell me why I'm so intelligent because a rabbit only has instinct and not intelligence. Why didn't I have a name and a family?" The voice answered violently, "It's true a rabbit is a rabbit, but if you are intelligent then you're not a rabbit. Why do you insist on being a rabbit? Appearance doesn't make the living being, but rather it's the living being who creates the appearance. Is a man with no brain a man? You are probably more a man than some men. If you think and are able to ask questions about your being, that means you are a man. It's true you are similar to man. You're not a real man, but rather a reincarnated soul that wants to create a new value to protect a symbol of God that is disappearing in the heart of men. Often a reincarnated soul can take life in an object or a living being and change it into a symbol of God. For example, a Christmas tree isn't only a tree, but a symbol of the birth of Jesus Christ. Often God helps the reincarnated soul who is looking for a symbol. For you, God placed a butterfly along the way to help you. A butterfly is the symbol of transformation. The caterpillar that transforms into a butterfly is similar to the resurrection. It's the transformation toward a better life than before. Men call this day Easter. Now try to help men so that they don't forget this day. You must use your talents to create a symbol and also to give yourself a name. With a name, you will live eternally in the heart of man." The rabbit said, "Okay, now I understand. I've lived alone all my life, but now I will help men to overcome their solitude. Each year, I will visit people on this day and upon giving them chocolate eggs, I will say to them that the son of God died for them on this day and that he will be with them forever. My name will be the Easter Bunny."


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The rabbit woke up repeating, "I'm the Easter Bunny, I'm the Easter Bunny,...". He checked around him for the tree, but not seeing it, he decided to sleep again. The day after, he went to make a lot of chocolate eggs and he went to a small village. He knocked on the first door that he saw to give out the chocolate eggs. A very poor old woman answered. One week after, the old woman told the story of the rabbit to all the village and the tradition of the Eastern Bunny was born. She also said that the chocolate eggs tasted as good as the rabbit.


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End ...


Serge Fortin



Acknowledgements: Siàn Prytherch & Ann Brix - Camosun College, British Columbia


P.S.: Tu use this story, you must have the permission of Serge Fortin. Someone who uses this story in an excessive way can be prosecuted by the author who is Serge Fortin. Thank you for your understanding.


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