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August 2002


Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

With Internet, the world is becoming smaller and smaller. In a few seconds, it is now possible to communicate with anybody across the world to have information, to order material, or to make financial transactions, and all of this, in a record time. Thus, I announce you with pleasure that a new site on Internet was born and it can fulfill your communication needs. The name of this site is The World of Earth Sciences (click here to go inside the Internet site) and its address on Internet is

This interactive site (> 10 000 addresses) contains a great number of company lists (address, phone, Fax, e-mail, internet address, a brief company's description and its stock market's code or abbreviation) about different experts' fields related to geology: mining and petroleum companies (3 864 addresses), and companies related to drilling (1 267 addresses), geophysics (793 addresses), soil engineering & geochemistry (582 addresses), softwares (247 addresses) and magazines (1 024 addresses). It also includes an address list of geology universities departments and research centers (5 947 departments), an address list of geological sections of Canadian and American government (360 addresses), an address list of main organizations (1 675 addresses) linked to earth sciences and a database (355 sites) that can be useful for geological information research. For the moment, the site contains a lot of Canadian data, but soon the site will be much more universal.

This site is free, but any money for the growth of this site will be welcome, and could be the key for the existence of this site. Any personal use is authorized, but exhaustive reproductions and reproductions for other use than personal use is not authorized.

If you want to add new companies, new addresses, ... of your members or customers, to correct mistakes, or any demands, I am entirely at your disposal, and everything, for free. The sent documentation must be only in Rich Text Format (RTF) or text (TXT) (not in Microsoft Word or any other software), and preferably inside the e-mail box. This list would be huge if people want to contribute to its growth.

I hope that you will appreciate this site and you will give me your positive comments.

Thank you!


Serge Fortin / SF TEXT

66 Sherbrooke Ouest #11, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2X 1X3

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Description about The World of Earth Sciences