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Encyclopaedia / Encyclopédie

The World of Earth Sciences

Par / By

Serge Fortin (SF TEXT)



Universities Main Page / Page principale des Universités


Encyclopaedia / Encyclopédie

Voir description / See Description

The World of Earth Sciences


Volumes 1-5 --> 3 076 pages of information and contacts about Earth sciences

Size: 27,3 cm x 19,8 cm; Thickness (5 volumes): 16 cm; Character: Times 12 (86% for Vol. 1 to 4 or 75% & 80% for Vol. 5)


Volume 1-3: --> 1 838 pages

A) Earth Sciences companies (Petroleum, Mining, Gas, Electrical Utilities, Earth Sciences Services,... Companies)


Volume 4: --> 622 pages

A) Earth Sciences Service Companies

B) Government


Volume 5: --> 616 pages

A) Organizations

B) Journals


Volume 6-7: --> +/- 1 200 pages

Soon (Probably before April 2005) / Bientôt (probablement avant avril 2005)

A) Educational and Research Centers on Earth Sciences / Centres éducatifs et de recherche sur les sciences de la terre

B) Database / Base de données

C) A lexicon in 7 languages (+/- 80 000 mots) / Un lexique en 7 langues (+/- 80 000 words)

English to German (Deutsch) - Dutch (Hollands / Nederlands) - French (Français) - Spanish (Español) - Portuguese (Português) - Italian (Italiano)


Science (Français)

Science (English)





Le monde des sciences de la terre

World of Earth Sciences

Welt der Geowissenschaften

Mondo delle scienze della terra

Mundo de las geologías

Mundo de ciências de terra

Cartes du monde

World maps

Welt bildet

Mondo traccia

Mapas del mundo

Mapas do mundo

Universités dans le monde

World Universities


Università del mondo

Universidades del mundo

Universidades do mundo

Le Monde selon Serge

The World According to Serge

Die Welt entsprechend Serge

Il mondo secondo Serge

El mundo según Serge

O mundo de acordo com Serge

39b- Universités asiatiques / Asian Universities

Centres éducatifs et de recherche sur les sciences de la terre / Educational and Research Centers on Earth Sciences


Par / By

Serge Fortin

(Juin / June 2000)


Page principale des universités asiatiques / Asian Universities Main Page







Gansu Agricultural University

Gansu Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Kansu Agricultural University

Gansu Normal University

Gansu University of Technology

Gansu Polytechnical University

Kansu Polytechnical University

General Bureau of Geology and Exploration

China National Nonferrous Metals Industry Corporation

General planning and Design Institute of Water resources and Hydro Power

General Research Institute for Non-Ferrous Metals

Beijing youse jinshu yanjiuzongyuan

GeZhouBa Institute of Hydro-Electric Engineering

Gold Institute of Northeastern University

Graduate School of Research Institute of Petroleum

Department of Geophysics

Guangdong College of Mining and Metallurgy

Guangdong Electric Power Research and Design Institute

Guangdong Institute of Metallurgy

Guangdong Petrochemical Academy

GuangDong University of Technology

Guangdong Institute of Technology

College of Construction

Department of Civil Engneering

College of Adult Education

Department of Material Science and Engineering

Research Institute:

Material Science Research Institute

Guangxi Agricultural University

Guangxi Agricultural College

Guangxi College of Hydro Electric Power

Guangxi College of Petroleum and Chemical Engineering

Guangxi Institute of Petro-Chemical Engineering

Guangxi Normal University

Research Institute of New Technologies and New Materials


Rare-Earth Element Chemistry

Science Laboratory Center

Computing, Analyzing and Testing Scientific Equipment and Instruments for use in fields of metallurgy, materials, geology, oil industry

Guangxi University

Heat Energy and Power Engineering

Civil Engineering

Hydraulic and Hydropower Engineering

Process Equipment and Control Engineering

Inorganic and Nonmetal Materials Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering

Mineral Resources Engineering

Guangxi University for Nationalities

Guangxi University of Technology

Guangzhou Analysis and Testing Centre

Guangzhou Energy Resources Institute

Institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Guangzhou Normal University

(Guangzhou Teachers' College)

Department of Chemistry

Department of Geography

Guangzhou University

Guilin Institute of Technology

Department of Natural Resources Engineering

Geology Engineering

Industrial Analysis (Mineral Rock Testing)

Industrial Analysis (Gemology and Techniques)

Nonmetal Mineral Materials

Mining Geology

Guilin Institute of Technology

Department of Land Development and Surveying

Surveying Engineering

Engineering Surveying

Guilin Institute of Technology

Department of Construction Engineering

Construction Engineering (Geotechnics)

Construction Engineering (Industrial and Civil Engineering

Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology

Drilling Engineering and Testing

Water resources development and Environment Protection

Guilin Institute of Technology

Department of Applied Physics and Computer Science

Applied Geophysics

Guilin Institute of Technology

Department of Environmental Science

Water Supply and Drainage Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Applied Geochemistry

Guiyang Geochemistry Institute

Institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Guizhou Institute of Technology

Kweichow Institute of Technology

Guizhou Normal University

Institute of Geography

Guizhou University

College of Science and Engineering

Department of Chemistry

Applied Analytical Chemistry

Guizhou University

College of Agriculture

Pedology and Agro-chemistry

Hainan Normal University

Hainan University

College of Science and Engineering

Chemical Engineering

College of Agriculture

Hangzhou College of Engineering Application Technology

Hangzhou Institute of Application Technology

Hangzhou University


Analytical Chemistry


Meteoric Dynamics


Water Resources & the Environment

Harbin Engineering University

Harbin Engineering Institute

Department of Underwater Acoustic Engineering

Chemistry Engineering Department

Harbin Institute of Technology

School of Material Science and Engineering

Harbin Institute of Technology

Harbin University of Technology

School of Energy Science and Engineering

Department of Thermo-Power Engineering

Harbin Normal University

Harbin Teachers University

(Harbin University)

Harbin Polytechnical University

Harbin University of Civil Engineering & Architecture

Harbin University of Science and Technology

Material Shaping & Control Engineering

Metal Material engineering

Polymer Materials and Engineering

Material Processing Engineering




Hebei Agricultural University

(Hebei or Hopeh or Ho-pei)



Civil Engineering

Hebei Coal Mining Institute

Hebei Institute of Coal Mining and Civil Engineering

Hebei College of Coal Mining

Hebei College of Geology

Hebei Geological College

Hebei Institute of Geology

Hebei College of Mining and Metallurgy

Tangshan Institute of Engineering and Technology

Hebei Institute of Metallurgy

Tangshan Institute of Engineering and Technology

Hebei Forestry Institute

Hebei Institute of Forestry

Hebei School of Forestry

Hebei Normal University

Hebei University

Analytical Chemistry

Chemistry of Materials

Hebei University of Agriculture

Hebei University of Science and Technology

Department of Material Science & Technology

Hebei University of Technology

Hebei Institute of Technology

Hefei Engineering University

Hefei Institute of Geology

Hefei Union University

Hefei Associated University

HeFei University of Technology

Hefei Polytechnical University

Department of Civil Engineering

Heilongjiang August 1st Reclamation University

HeilongJiang August 1st University of Land Reclamation

Heilongjiang Eastern Institute

Heilongjiang Mining Institute

Jixi Institute of Mining

Intellegence science and Technology Development Company

Jixi Coal and Mine Health School

Jixi Junior Medical College for Coal Miners

Mineral Resources Exploitation Engineering

Mineral Process and Utilization Engineering

Civil Engineering

Heilongjiang University



Henan Agriculture university

Henan Normal University

Henan University

Henan Vocational-Technical Teachers College

Baiquan School of Agriculture

Hengyang Institute of Technology

Central China Institute of Technology Hengyang

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