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The World according to Serge offers a promotion tool with huge possibilities and is able to generate a considerable traffic on your Web sites. A part on Statistics, which is available above, allows to know the traffic on the different parts of The World according to Serge. More details can be provided if necessary.

The World according to Serge is also opened to financial contributions to finance its numerous projects for the next 12 months : 1) translate the part World maps in Spanish and create new maps, 2) add many companies, addresses and departments on earth sciences across the world, 3) add another children story, 4) improve the different parts, like create a research engine able to find quickly the wanted company,... With enough financing, many new parts could be created (see the plan), like The World of Sciences containing The World of Biological sciences, The World of Physical sciences,...

The World according to Serge contains many parts which might interest you and your potential visitors: World Maps, The World of Earth Sciences, Children Stories,...

With your financial help, the survival and the growth of The World according to Serge will be certain.

The price list and the formalities about the streamers (simple or by buttons) are available to this address: To receive a complete file adapted to your needs, fill and send the form below. Financial contributions can be sent directly at the address at the bottom of the form to the name of Serge Fortin.

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